Advent of Code 2022 Solutions

Python solutions for Advent of Code 2022

How to set up Logging for Python Projects

Improve your data science projects with logging instead of using print statements

Python Walrus Operator: Regular Expression Matching Use Case

Using the Python Walrus operator for regular expression matching

June 15 2022  ·  4 min

Export Your Spotify Playlist to a CSV File Using Python

You can automate and extract information from Spotify using the web API

SQL-like Window Functions in Pandas

How to write SQL-like window functions in Pandas using groupby and transform

Five Tips to Elevate the Readability of your Python Code

Top tips for improving your Python code without needing to refactor. Implement these simple strategies and your future self (and colleagues!) will thank you!

How to Install Miniconda from the Command Line (Linux/MacOS)

Automate your development environment setup by installing Miniconda from the command line

Which Python String Formatting Method Should You Be Using in Your Data Science Project?

Which string formatting method should you be using in your data science workflow? This post summarises the different methods for string substitution and when you should be using each.

Improve Code Quality with Git Hooks and Pre-commit

Pre-commit hooks tutorial to improve code quality and reduce bugs. Example .pre-commit-config.yaml file included!

Visualising Asset Price Correlations

Learn how to use NetworkX and Plotly to visualise relationships between different asset classes