Google Search Console API with Python

How to access you Google Search Console data using the API with Python

July 24 2022  ·  15 min

Python Walrus Operator: Regular Expression Matching Use Case

Using the Python Walrus operator for regular expression matching

June 15 2022  ·  4 min

Export Your Spotify Playlist to a CSV File Using Python

You can automate and extract information from Spotify using the web API

Matplotlib: Make Impactful Charts by Adding Subtitles with plt.suptitle

Deliver a clear message to your stakeholders by adding descriptive headlines to your matplotlib charts using plt.suptitle

Deploying Dremio on Google Cloud (GKE)

Dremio is a powerful engine for querying data directly in the data lake without having to ingest it into a datawarehouse

Reproducible ML: Maybe you shouldn't be using Sklearn's train_test_split

Reproducibility is critical for successful ML projects. Sklearn’s train_test_split might not be as robust as you think

How to extract bucket and file name from a Google Cloud Storage URI with Python

You can use Python string manipulation to extract information from GCS URIs. Two methods I use are Python’s ‘split’ method and regular expression lookups.

February 24 2022  ·  7 min

How to Open a Chrome Tab in a New Window with Alfred and Applescript

Using Alfred workflows to open your current browser tab in a new window

How to set up an amazing terminal for data science with oh-my-zsh plugins

How to configure your terminal for data science to maximum productivity (oh-my-zsh, iterm2, tmux, Starship)

Data Science Setup on MacOS (Homebrew, pyenv, VSCode, Docker)

Setting up a new MacBook Pro for Data Science