How to extract bucket and file name from a Google Cloud Storage URI with Python

You can use Python string manipulation to extract information from GCS URIs. Two methods I use are Python’s ‘split’ method and regular expression lookups.

February 24 2022  ·  7 min

The Best Way to Learn Vim

Learning Vim can be daunting. Being strategic with your learning process can improve your chances of persevering and succeeding

How to Open a Chrome Tab in a New Window with Alfred and Applescript

Using Alfred workflows to open your current browser tab in a new window

How to set up an amazing terminal for data science with oh-my-zsh plugins

How to configure your terminal for data science to maximum productivity (oh-my-zsh, iterm2, tmux, Starship)

Data Science Setup on MacOS (Homebrew, pyenv, VSCode, Docker)

Setting up a new MacBook Pro for Data Science

Automate your Macbook Development Environment Setup with Brewfile

Automate and reproduce your Macbook setup using Homebrew and Brewfile

SQL-like Window Functions in Pandas

How to write SQL-like window functions in Pandas using groupby and transform

Five Tips to Elevate the Readability of your Python Code

Top tips for improving your Python code without needing to refactor. Implement these simple strategies and your future self (and colleagues!) will thank you!

Do programmers need to be able to type fast? Yes. But probably not for the reasons you are thinking

Typing fast is a super power

Event Driven Data Validation with Google Cloud Functions and Great Expectations

Build trust with end users by automating data testing in the data lake using Cloud Functions and Great Expectations

December 6 2021  ·  28 min